Bank File Conversion - BAI and BTRS

App for Excel 2013

  • File Specification:

    The Bank Administration Institute (BAI) used to develop and maintain the bank file specification. ANSI took over for the BAI in developing the latest standard which has been known as BAI3 and more recently BTRS (Balance and Transaction Reporting Standard). ANSI probably changed the name of the standard as BAI was no longer involved in maintaining the standard.

  • Security:

    When provided with a file, the application performs several security related functions immediately (unless specifically disabled by the user via the Options menu on the Help tab):

    • Reads the entire file byte by byte and creates a Hash of the file string. A Hash is a numeric quantity which identifies the unique signature of your data.
    • Reads through each line in the file and if the line is either an 02 or 03 record, the application obscures the bank number in its entirety and all but the first four digits of the account number.
    • The file and the hash are securely transported using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) transport technology to the server for processing where the file is processed again byte by byte and a new hash is calculated. If the newly calculated hash and the hash sent from Excel are not the same the data is erased from the server's memory completely and an error is sent back to the user.
    • Processing on the server is entirely in memory and never is the data written to disk or saved in any manner. When processing is completed your file data is erased from the server's memory and is returned to Excel using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) transport technology.
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